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Jen Pratt

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Case Study: Creative Herbals Website – Small Business Web Design by Jen Pratt

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Case Study:

Small business web design by Jen Pratt: one of my favorite website overhauls is Creative Herbals.  Another personal niche website, this project was my guinea pig into working with Elementor.

The problem: this project was a rebuild of a preexisting WordPress website.  Along with rebuilding the site into Elementor from a vanilla WordPress build, the affiliate marketing scheme was ineffective and didn’t match the aesthetics of the site.  The original style was lacking in personality and was a simple repository of information, rather than a pleasing experience to users, and overall was lacking in direction.  While there had been some SEO incorporated into the original build, it was spotty at best.

The solution: this web design incorporates beautiful imagery from stock images, a custom template, and a grading system for individual herbs and their uses.  This website is all about aesthetics and usability, and is laden with cites and quotes from research articles.  The reason I love this site is that it was a huge learning experience being so early in my Elementor journey.

Wire framing consisting of both the mobile and the desktop layouts were necessary to form the perfect mesh of easy search-ability for users with aesthetics.  This site incorporates affiliate ad marketing in a way that’s unobtrusive to users.

Giving Some Love To a Simple Small Business Web Design:

Paving the way for a future e-commerce site...

While this site doesn’t currently have e-commerce capabilities, it is built with the capacity to add this on later.  For now, it’s a simple brochure site with a blog component that has the ability to scale as needed.  Web design for business always needs that scalability, which is one of the reasons I love WordPress – the scalability is limitless with this content management system.

web design for business, small business web design company

Above: the GTmetrix report for Creative Herbals, using SiteGround as host with their optimization and security plugins and options enabled.

Creative Herbals:

Live Website Homepage
web design for business, small business web design company

Creative Herbals:

Live Website Post Page
web design for business, small business web design company

Web design for small business: do you have a small business website that needs built or updated?