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Jen Pratt

WordPress Web Designer

Websites for Artists with Courses and a Storefront

Artist Website Design Case Study by Jen Pratt

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Case Study:

Websites for Artists by Jen Pratt: this is my personal artist website.  This is an example of a Premium Tier rebuild – a large site with a complete SEO overhaul, several new pages to help with categorization, advanced graphic design work, and transitioning many blog pages over to a course framework.  It took approximately two months to finish this project working between 20-30 hours per week, and it receives on-going maintenance in adding new classes, artworks, and more.

The problem: This artist website has gone through several moves and rebuilds over the years, losing a lot of it’s SEO gains in the process.  It’s a fairly large site with products, courses, and a blog.  

The solution: this website needed a Learning Management System (LMS) to allow for viewing its current offering of free courses, and to allow for premium (paid) future courses.

A lot of keyword research was incorporated into the rebuild, and content changes were made as necessary to update the site and to aid in the SEO overhaul.

This site benefitted from a custom template that allowed for complete control of the final aesthetic of the website, along with reducing the overall size and response time (adding an LMS created some bloat to response time).

Building a Brand That's Both Artistic and Business Friendly:

Adding more choices for both artists and art buyers

Art business tools and spreadsheets were created and added to the store, and some of the 2-D artworks were made available as downloadable art.  Some graphic design work was incorporated to add new product types and categories.

The entire website was redesigned to incorporate a clean aesthetic to show off the main offering on this site – visual artwork – and to allow the art images to give this website its unique identity.  All other elements take a more neutral tone to give a professional look to the site.

Websites for Artists:

Live Artist Website Homepage
Case Study: Websites for Artists With Courses and Store – Artist Website Design by Jen Pratt

Artist Website Design:

Live Art Website Store Category Page
Case Study: Websites for Artists With Courses and Store – Artist Website Design by Jen Pratt

Best websites for artists:

While online marketplaces are a good option for many artists, a professional artist website can be a hub for everything from class offerings, to a catalog of sold artworks and past and future exhibitions.  The best websites for artists include a storefront that you control.  They don’t advertise other artists’ work on your gallery pages, and will only include ads if you want them.  It’s hard to find these qualities in an online marketplace, but simple to build these qualities into your own custom artist website!