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Jen Pratt

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Case Study: Trails Website – Personal Website Designer Jen Pratt

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Case Study: - Personal Website Designer

Personal website designer Jen Pratt: this is one of my personal website design projects, and one of my earliest Elementor projects.  It’s a niche website that documents local horse trails and abandoned photography from the Midwest.

This is a straightforward, blog type site that uses pages instead of category searches and has an e-commerce component.  Using pages to view all posts in a certain category rather than a generic category search gives you more options for SEO and search phrase optimization.

This website was built with a custom template, some personal photographs and some stock images.  Wire framing consisting of both the mobile and the desktop layouts were necessary to form the perfect mesh of easy search-ability for users with aesthetics, as well as to showcase the products (abandoned photography) and make them easily accessible, without feeling like a sales pitch.

Giving Some Love To a Personal Website Design Project:

The cobbler's children have no shoes...

This is the second iteration of this website, the first being a simple, plain Gutenberg WordPress site with minimal SEO – a project that was thrown together in my spare time with very little attention paid to it.  While the design was fair for a plain WordPress website, and this site did see some traffic, this poor child needed a new pair of shoes in the form of an aesthetic and SEO makeover.

Jen Pratt: Personal Website Designer of Fast Websites

Above: the GTmetrix report for Trails & Abandoned, using SiteGround as host with their optimization and security plugins and options enabled.

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