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Jen Pratt

WordPress Web Designer

WordPress Web Designer: Let Me Help You Reach Your Audience

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Full service, freelance web designer building responsive, mobile-friendly WordPress web designs using Elementor Pro

I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2001, with an emphasis in sculpture and graphic design.  I took computer programming courses, photography courses, and courses in photo and digital manipulation.  I use all of these skills to create visually pleasing website designs with on-page search engine optimization (SEO) integration and keyword research, ensuring that each WordPress website I create can build organic traffic over time.

I’ve been building websites for over a decade, but my specific website design experience levels are:

Every WordPress website I build is customized for your business or personal website. I strive to create a website design that matches your brand and gives customers a seamless, user friendly experience.


Website Hosting:

Hosting your new website with me saves money, both in hosting service costs and the initial build by streamlining the website creation process.

Website Support:

Ongoing monthly site monitoring, plugin updates, and backups to keep your website running smooth and up-to-date.

SEO Search Support:

Ongoing monthly site auditing and analytics checks: reports and recommendations to keep your website ranking.

My Education and Experience as a Web Designer:

Background in hand coding and CMS platforms

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with studies in graphic design, Adobe Creative Suite and photo editing, and computer programming including HTML and Javascript.  I’ve created designs for local businesses, churches, and community groups, and have repaired and rebuilt websites for businesses all over the US.

My personal projects have included e-commerce sites, both hand coded and using Content Management Systems (CMS) including Joomla and WordPress.  These projects included implementing Woocommerce and building storefronts, copywriting, proofreading, photo editing and graphic design, keyword research, and on-page SEO integration.

More Case Studies of My Work:

Why Choose Me As Your Freelance WordPress Web Designer?

Tools, experience, and know-how

As a freelance WordPress web designer, I have all of my tools on hand and the experience to use them.  There’s no downtime for training needed.  Content is king: you supply the content, I build a website that will make that content beautiful and accessible to your audience.  I build the entire site from the ground up – from wireframes to keyword research to finished product.  With some minor tweaks to the content to make it search engine friendly, you’ll end up with a website that brings traffic to your business with very little effort on your part.

WordPress Web Designer Jen Pratt: WordPress Web Developer, WordPress Designer, WordPress Designer for Hire

About WordPress Designer Jen Pratt:

My web design history and other interests

Besides being a freelance WordPress web designer, I’m a wife, artist, and horse lover. My down time is spent riding the trails, gardening, and posting art classes and info for up-and-coming artists. I developed my love of website design early in my art career, back in the early 2000s. I built my own artist website using Adobe GoLive (arguably one of Adobe’s least popular products).